Mask Guidelines


As of November 21st, 2021, I am removing the “mask ask”, meaning wearing masks will be optional at the services of NHCC.


COVID explanation sheet:

      My desire and goal at NHCC is to follow God’s directive as a church and as much as is reasonable, to provide a safe environment for people to worship with others. As you know, there have been many challenges in the last few years.

      We in America have so much to be thankful for. We are free to express our faith, which is much more than many have across the world. At the same time, Jesus tells us to expect challenges, hardships and even persecution. Much time has been put into prayer, seeking God and asking how we should respond to the challenges of this pandemic called Covid. These are my conclusions so far:   


  1. Our source of Covid information is tied to Spokane County. We are also in contact with people who work at Sacred Heart Hospital. These are people who are very aware of the number of sick people with Covid in the hospital and those in ICU.
    Sacred Heart Hospital Covid ICU numbers are now below normal levels. (For example, as of 11/15, the ICU had 5 or less and the total number of Covid cases in Sacred Heart Hospital was 11 or less.) At the first of August, Spokane County numbers were at 962 new cases and 479 cases on a 7-day average. On 11/15 we had 0 new cases and were at 113 cases on a 7-day average.
  2. Biblically speaking we are instructed to obey our government leaders unless their decisions are in direct violation of biblical standards. In America, this can be a challenge since authority is designed with checks and balances. Differing authorities may not agree with each other. Our authorities are the US Constitution and the Judicial, Legislative and Administrative branches of Government.
    Several months ago you may remember that our governor mandated that all churches follow strict rules regarding Covid. Then when challenged by the judicial branch, he removed the “mandate” for churches and replaced it with a “strong ask”.
    It is important for us (as scripture instructs us) to listen and respect those in authority. I also understand it is my responsibility as Senior Pastor, along with the other Elders and Pastoral Staff to lead this church and if the time comes when as a congregation we are placing people at undue risk, we have a responsibility to make adjustments.
  3. For people who feel they cannot connect with others in the church because of the potential of being exposed to Covid, we are continuing to offer an online service.
  4. For people who feel masking is still important, we invite you to continue wearing a mask. To that end, we are purchasing qualified N-95 masks (which studies show are the most effective for those needing protection). These masks will be available at the door for anyone who wants one.


I hope to see you all soon and that you will be able to connect with your spiritual brothers and sisters!


In Christ,

Pastor Randy