Pathways Letters

Pathways Letter July 14, 2021

Dear Congregation, 

As many of you know, God has blessed us as a church over the last two years! It is exciting time as we back worshipping and connecting without the hindrance of masks.

As a church we have experienced a 22% growth in the “in-person” ministries, (i.e. Sunday ministries, youth and women’s). In spite of the severe limitations our kids ministry is still attracting new families. We continue to hear new people say they are sensing God’s presence when they come and as a result want to be a part of a vision that will make a difference. 

Many of you have committed to financially supporting the Pathways construction project. Even though your initial financial commitments were about $235,000 your giving is eclipsing $900,000 just two years later!

Today, I am asking you to pray that God will bring this project to completion with whatever resources he chooses to use. 

We just found out that we are still needing another $500,000 to finish the project. As much as we as Elders were shocked when we saw that number, we are confident for what God is up to. We are not asking this congregation to give more than what has already been given. This time, I believe God wants His followers outside this congregation to invest in this kingdom work.

As I prayed, I remembered this project is to have God’s fingerprints, that even the unsaved would take notice for what God has done. I believe God wants you to be in prayer with us. 

Please pray that God would provide the funds ($500,000.00) from outside this congregation. Then thank God for what he is already doing! 

Thank you for standing with me in this Pathways Project!

In Christ,
Randy Hood


Pathways Letter April 28, 2021

Dear New Horizons Congregation, 

We as Elders want to give you a written update as to how the Pathways construction project is progressing.

When we first began collecting bids for the various work necessary to complete our building project (electricians, steel work, concrete, plumbing, etc.), the quotes we received quickly revealed that we needed to find creative solutions for some of the items. In working with Dave, our consultant, we agreed to an aggressive financial goal of roughly $100/square foot as the ideal "all in" target for the project. That reduced cost resulted in the original goal we presented to the church of $1.2 million.

However, as the project kicked off, we began to see various situations which challenged that financial goal. Delays due to Covid19, unforeseen soils issues, rising material costs, poor workmanship from a vendor and inconsistent project management have all caused our financial target for this project to increase. Instead of $100/square foot, the project now stands between $160-$170/square foot, meaning our total cost will be close to $2,200,000.00-$2,300,000.00. This is still a lower than average number for projects in this area, but it's obviously more than our original goal.

About two months ago, Randy shared we need about $200,000 to get us to the finish line. This does not include the wood gym floor, the chairs, and some of the sports equipment. This does include a 60x100 lawn for outside meals and connection, ministry outreaches such as sports camp and a youth and kids play area.    

The great news is that God has been so very faithful during this process. Almost all of our materials have been procured. We have better project management processes in place and the contractors currently working with us are top notch. And the original commitments of $235,000.00 have turned into $857,529.00 of actual gifts!  As we look toward completion, we are optimistic and grateful for God's goodness, and excited to see this building be used to serve the Five Mile Community.

Here's what all of this information means for you. We need people praying for provision, safety, savings and efficiency all the way to completion. We need volunteers who can help with things like framing, hanging drywall, painting, landscaping, placing sod, laying tile and ongoing general cleaning. We also are praying for the funds to complete this project. As stated earlier, we need $200,000 minimum to get us into the building and another $160,000 est. for a complete finish.

We are so excited about how this congregation continues to respond, through volunteering, prayer, giving and drawing unsaved to the Lord through ministries and services and being Jesus, even before the new building is in place.

Thank you again for being on board with the Pathways vision which God has called us to!

In Christ,

Your elders at New Horizons Community Church

Jim Lenard, Norm Engeland, Jeff Stevenson, KC Constable and Randy Hood


Construction Project Update Dec. 27, 2020

Many of you know that we are in a construction project. The goal is that we would have a ministry building which would allow us to expand what we are doing in the church. 

But much more that we would have a greater opportunity to create pathways to serve and love and be Jesus to those who do not know Him yet. Our hope and prayer is for one day to be able to introduce these new friends to Jesus and help them have an ongoing relationship with Him. 

In the last months we have hit some obstacles which have slowed construction. One of the biggest is that we are now in the process of securing another steel construction crew. I want to encourage you to pray with us asking God to bring us the steel crew that is needed to wrap up this part of the project. Please pray that God will help us move forward with the subs who will be insulating, installing walls, utilities, etc. We are asking God to move us toward His completion date.

Also many of you remember back in July an anonymous giver offered a $100,000 donation if it was matched dollar for dollar. Since then the church has received close to $70,000. This means we have received another $70,000 from the donor. 

At this moment there are several potential outside donors who are praying about helping us finish this project. Would you be in prayer and ask God for the provision needed to complete this building 

I have been reminded by so many of you to always keep focused on Jesus. To not get ahead of him and to not lag behind him. We want God to be glorified in this part of the project. We want everything done in his perfect timing.

If you have questions, please feel free to talk to any of our elders. You can contact us through the church email at  .

In Christ,
Randy Hood
Senior Pastor and Elder