Reaching Our Community

We should be sharing and living the Gospel always. Outreach is for everyone, not just a select few. New Horizons Community church has several outreach functions that happen within the church and outside of the church. We're committed to being available to be used by God to make a difference in Spokane. We believe that if the church were to disappear tomorrow, the community should miss it. 

Several times throughout the year, you'll hear about outreach events that happen within the church. Things like Sports Camp for kids, Trunks of Treats for families, the 5Mile5K for runners and more! Check our events page for upcoming outreach functions. 

Garden of Eatin'

New Horizons has a beautiful community garden on top of Five Mile Prairie with big plans for growth! This is a wonderful way to serve the local community by creating a way for families and individuals to come around and cultivate growth. To learn more about the Community Garden please visit our Garden Page. 

New Horizons Community Church Partners

NHCC strategically partners with ministries that align with the mission and vision of NHCC. Spokane has many amazing Non-Profits that are serving others. We believe in strategic partnerships led by the Spirit that help the church connect with what God is doing in the community. We're honored to serve the Kingdom with:

The Jonah Project fights for freedom by creating ways for survivors of human trafficking and at-risk youth to access immediate care or resources. They strive to Educate, Advocate and Relocate.
Check out their website: www.jonahproject.orgYou will find answers to most questions and get a better feel for what this group is up against and what they really do! These people are truly amazing and are driven by God’s love to reach out to those who desperately need freedom and to know the ultimate Savior, Jesus. 

Here are some current needs shared with us from Jonah:

  • Advocates
  • Host families
  • Donations - monthly donors specifically
  • Leggings & women's shorts (gently used)
  • Women's and teen girl's underwear (new)

If would like to contact Jonah, please reach out on their website under "Contact Us" for next steps. Thank you!

There are flyers available in the front entry of the church as well.

For more than 10 years, NHCC raised funds each year for Holmes Elementary in Spokane WA to buy a sweatshirt for every student in the school. Often, this is the only winter quality coat a student will get for the entire year. 
Stay tuned to fundraising and conversation about the sweatshirt project beginning late summer each year! To learn more, email .