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Matching Funds Information – December 17th, 2023 

About two weeks ago, our church received a huge opportunity to help us finish the building and get occupancy. A donor wants to match donations toward the Pathways construction project up to $100,000. This matching gift lasts 2 months - it will end on February 15th.

That means if we as a church were to give say $60,000, the donor would match those gifts and we would receive a total of $120,000! If the church were to give $90,000 we would receive a total of $180,000!

I know many of you are wondering, just how much do we need to finish this construction project? 

We have trimmed off or paired back a number of items just to get in. From what we can tell, the minimum needed to do to receive occupancy would be around $100,000. This includes:

  • Fire inspection
  • HVAC inspection
  • Acoustic panels installed
  • Floors cleaned, sealed and buffed
  • Cove base installed
  • Door installation completed
  • Ceiling tiles installed
  • Restrooms equipment installed
  • Snow guards and replacement gutter installed
  • Stage lights and sound installed
  • Stage carpeted
  • Stairs built over HVAC outside
  • Fencing built around HVAC and garbage container
  • Finish excavation

If even more funds were raised we would also respond to these needs. Again, these items are not required to be completed for occupancy, but some items (like chairs) are needed to move to one service in the new building. Others will increase our ministry potential and effectiveness:

  • Entryway flooring – (estimated $15,000)
  • Espresso installed – (estimated $10,000)
  • Rug runners for worship (estimated $2,000)
  • 100 more chairs purchased (estimated $13,000)
  • Kids hallway carpeted (estimated $5,000)
  • New speakers (estimated $10,000)
  • New doorway between buildings (estimated $5,000)
  • Tables for entryway
  • Expanded gravel parking ($10,000)

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!

In Christ,

Randy Hood, Senior Pastor

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